Thursday, October 16, 2008

My little blessings

Life has been going great lately. My daughter, India, is six weeks old now. My son is one. I've recovered pretty well from my C-section, and I'm so glad about that. I have enjoyed this time bonding with my kids. I often marvel at how blessed I am to have these two little blessings in my life.

Because of the C-section I can't pick up my son, R.J., like I want to. I get on the floor and play with him though. He's so active, and I enjoy him so much. He makes me laugh all the time with the cute stuff that he does.

India is a quiet baby so far, and, dare I say, kind of spoiled. I read that you can't spoil a newborn baby, but I'm starting to wonder about that. When she's not sleeping she likes to be held. I try to lay her down or sit her in her little chair, and she remains content for about five minutes, and then she hollers. As long as she's being held, she's quiet and content. I need to get a sling, so I can just carry her around as I do things around the house.

All in all, I'm on cloud nine with my little girl and boy. I'm so excited to have a girl and I enjoy all of her little girl things. I'm also so glad that I have a little rough and tough boy who never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh. I just thank God everyday for blessing me. I never would have thought that motherhood would bring me so much joy.


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