Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Midwife review

I mentioned the other week that I loved reading a wonderful novel called, The Midwife by Gay Couter. I give the book five out of five stars. I normally do not etch out time out of my schedule to consistently read a book, but I did with this one.

It is the story of Hannah, a young midwife in training, and eventually certified midwife, who blossoms as a young woman amidst a tumultous time in Russia for Jews during the 1900's. After moving to America with her family to seek a better life, she quickly establishes herself as a competent and trusted midwife, who assists births at women's homes.

I was so enthralled with the descriptions of the various births that Hannah attended. The writing of this novel is superb, keeping readers fascinated with the process of birth, and the blessings of having a competent midwife to assist in childbirth. I loved reading about a young woman who was passionate about birth, and one of the most skilled and respected midwives in her area. It was an inspiring and informative read, and I would encourage any woman to read the book. There are some parts of it that I didn't agree with or support the heroine's choices, but overall, I think this is a great book, that most will find worthy of five stars.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Midwife

Happy New Year everyone!!

I have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. I told my husband that having young children brings the excitement back into Christmas. Christmas from around the teen years and beyond isn't quite as exciting as Christmas when you are little. It seemed magical as a child, because I believed in Santa Claus, and there was so much anticipation to see what was under the Christmas tree.

The older I got the more the magic faded away. I still enjoyed Christmas very much, but there was no magical element there. But, having children brings that magic back for some reason. I guess because you get to witness their excitement.

Something I have also enjoyed for the past week or so has been reading an excellent book! Prior to getting marrried and having children, I was a voracious novel reader. After having children I cut back a lot on my reading. A lot. Mainly because when I get into a book I like to keep reading, and it was frustrating to read and have to stop continuously.

Another reason was because I just had not found a lot of good books that were worth trying to continue reading. But, I recently read one of the best books that I've read in a long time.

As I'm approaching my sixth month of pregnancy, of course I have been reading anything related to pregnancy. Mainly nonfiction works. But, I found a great fiction novel, called The Midwife by Gay Courter. I found it at my local library and I was hooked from the first few pages. I loved this book! Childbirth is fascinating to me anyways, more so right now of course, because I'll be giving birth in a few months. The writing was excellent, and although it was a very long book, I savored each moment of reading it. I just finished reading it, and I have to give a full review of it in a few days at least. I'm also going to get the sequel tomorrow and begin reading it.

I can't wait!


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