Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fabulously Pregnant

Pregnant in Heels is one of my new favorite shows to watch. I so enjoy watching shows about pregnancy and motherhood. Motherhood is one of those life changing careers, and I love watching how people respond to the call.

I am completely fascinated by watching mothers on tv. I sometimes laugh to myself, because I can relate to certain funny moments or I cringe because I see a mother do something that I have done, and seeing it from another view, I realize I need to change.

Like my voice, for example. I'm working on using a more gentle and patient voice with my children. If I have to say something more than once to my children, I sometimes get annoyed and take on a strident tone of voice, which, honestly is annoying even to my own ears.

But, when I hear other mothers use that harsh voice, I inwardly cringe, and think, I need to work on that.

So, I'm working on speaking gently, my voice laced with love and patience at all (most?) times. Firm, yet loving. Not strident.

But, anyways, I was saying that I enjoy watching Pregnant in Heels. It is a delightful show that follows Rosie Pope, who created a business catering to pregnant women, from designing maternity clothes, to being a "maternity concierge", as she educates and helps stylish, wealthy women navigate the terrains of pregnancy and motherhood. It seems like a cool business to have.

I have enjoyed seeing her educate mothers-to-be on important baby care-taking tasks, and seeing the transformation in mothers as they fall in love with their baby and realize the importance of their new role as mommy. I just love watching the transforming power of motherhood.

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