Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Power of A Praying Wife

I always enjoy reading stories about love, marriage, and children. Especially about Christian couples, and how they were able to endure difficulties and overcome them. A couple of years ago I saw this story on CBN, and I was really touched by it. It was about Michael and Cammy Franzese. Michael Franzeze was a notorious mob leader, and he married Cammy, who was a Christian. She had no idea that he was in the mob while they courted, or even after they married. After a few years of marriage, she started to put two and two together, and realized that he was in the mob.

What was important to Michael was that Cammy didn't tell him to get out of the mob. She didn't tell him to either choose the mob, or their family together. Instead she prayed fervently, along with her mother, for Michael to get out of the mob. What followed is an inspiration, and to read more, go here.

Their story ministers to me, and shows how being a praying wife can bring miraculous results in a marriage.


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