Friday, January 7, 2011

Every Day Is A Blessing

I was thinking the other day how ever since I was a little girl, I thought that family was the most special and precious thing on earth.

I loved my parents so much, and dearly loved and enjoyed my siblings. I wanted to have a large family when I got older, because it was simply so much fun having brothers and sisters. I wanted my own children to experience that same joy.

I thought of that as I pondered this new year, and what I hope to accomplish. And the main goal is to treasure every moment I have with my family. Because besides our life and health, our families are our greatest treasures on Earth.

My daily life should reflect that. I've stopped and played with my children more, and I have enjoyed them so much more, just from intentionally spending more time with them instead of focusing so much on home organization and other household things.

These are good days that I'm living right now, and I have to be mindful to always be greateful and thankful for it.

Have you ever spent time feeling unhappy about your life because you're not where you want to be and things don't seem to be going right? But, then years later when you look back on that time, you realize how blessed you were, but didn't even realize it? It's a sad thing when you don't realize the blessings of today and fully enjoy each day that God blesses you with.

I've been guilty of it. I'm not exactly where I want to be right now. I keep waiting for different things to fall in place. But, I had to check myself and realize, hey, these are good days right now.

I may look back years from now and realize how blessed I was and wish for these days back. I don't want to live life knowing that I didn't appreciatee where I was in every season of my life.

Enjoy everyday. Connect with your family. Talk to your parents, siblings, show some extra love to your spouse and children. Doing so will help ensure that you are living a life that you won't look back with regret on later.

I've been doing that this past week, and it has brought me so much joy.


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