Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm surprised at how much the passing of Michael Jackson has affected me. I felt a numbness for most of the day yesterday. Late in the evening it started to sink in, and I started crying. Of course I've never met Michael Jackson, but I felt like I had lost someone in my family or something.

My brothers, sister, and I used to watch The Jacksons: An American Dream movie a million times. We watched it so much together that we would say the words right along with the actors throughout most of the movie. I remember watching Thriller, and all of the other popular MJ videos in the 80's hundreds of times along with my siblings.

I'm sad that he's gone, and it still feels like it's not really true. He was a legend, and he will be truly missed. My prayers are with his family.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three kids for three weeks

I haven't been blogging much lately, and it's because I have been too exhausted to do so. For the past three weeks I have been babysitting my 2 year old nephew, and, oh my goodness, what a treat! Ha!

Babysitting is a great way to earn money from home. . . if you have the patience. And, I don't think that I do. God still has a lot of work to do with me on that front. Caring for my own two children is one thing, but adding another child to the mix, an active toddler boy is another. This Friday is supposed to be my last day, and although I have enjoyed the extra money, I know that this is not something that I would like to continue doing in the future.

Caring for him reminded me of why mothers should take care of their own children. Because, no one is going to love and take care of them like you would. Except maybe your own mother. My mother thinks that my kids are hers by the way she acts with them, and how she is always telling me what to do with them.

But anyways, caring for children in your home is a great way to earn money from home, and provide extra social interaction for your children. It's not really my cup of tea, but for some people it may be.

Right now I'm sleepy, and I'm about to go to bed. Next week I would like to talk about The Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood, and what I thought about the book. I'm almost finished with it.

Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Being a Fascinating Woman

I read the book, Fascinating Womanhood, in 2004, a year after I graduated college, and when I read through the book I was simply amazed! It sounded so old-fashioned and wholesome, and, I loved it!!! The author, Helen Andelin, articulated so well about a woman's role, and what leads to ultimate happiness for a woman, and it resonated so well with me, because I instinctively knew these thngs in my heart. But reading the book was so inspiring and renewed within me the desire to become the best woman that I could be.

Earlier this week I stumbled upon The Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood, which you can download for free, and I have been reading it on my computer as I have time. Since I have been married, I usually reread through the book whenever I have a particular problem with something, and it inspires me to work on being the best woman and wife that I can be. I have been challenged and convicted while reading through this online resource to be a better wife to my husband.

How sad I was, however, when I learned that Helen Andelin had passed away on June 7th. I am thankful to her for writing such an inspiring and powerful book, and I hope that many women who want to help their marriage become the best that it can be, will read the book and learn from it, like I have.

I encourage you to read The Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood, and see if it is an inspiration to you. It shows how women actually work though Fascinating Womanhood and the results for them. So far I have enjoyed reading it, and I hope you will too.


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