Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beauty of Motherhood

Motherhood can be quite challenging, and a bit frustrating at times. But, I admit, that it is very fulfilling and enjoyable. I didn't expect it to be so much fun and enjoyable, but it is. My in-laws and husband keep telling me that they know I must need a break from my very active little boy. And I do. But, what I consider a break is being able to sleep for 8 hours straight, while someone else gets him back to sleep when he wakes up at 3 a.m. Or having time here and there to fully focus on writing projects. But, I'm comforted by him being near me. Even though it can be exhausting running after him and correcting him and such, I love it because it's part of my job as his mother.

Now he's two hours away with his father who is visiting his parents. I couldn't make the trip, as I'm only about two weeks from my due date. I'm here with my parents in the meantime. And, I miss my baby. I miss his little active, bubbly, happy self. Yes, I'm getting a break, but I don't need a long break from my child. I can't imagine life without him. It wouldn't be as fulfilling and enjoyable, because now that I'm a mother I look at life through a different lens, .

Strangely enough, I have more focus and determination to succeed as a writer and entrepeneur. I take more delight in small things. I enjoy going for walks and watching my baby see the world, and his fascination with everything. Life is just . . . sweeter.

No, motherhood is not exactly easy, but it's definitely something that will make your life and your world more beautiful and exciting.


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