Wednesday, February 24, 2010

16 and Pregnant

Ok. So, although I'm 28 years old, I can't help but watch MTV's 16 and Pregnant, because I enjoy watching people deal with motherhood. All through college my roommates and I would watch TLC's A Baby Story with fascination and longing. We would coo and aahh while looking at the sweet little bundle of joy and daydream about the day when we would one day hold our own little newborn.

I still watch A Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby, along with 19 Kids and Counting, when I happen to catch it on TV. I am usually entertained and enlightened while watching other people deal with their children. For some reason, it makes me appreciate having children all the more. I have to admit that watching these reality shows are one of my indulgences at night after putting the kids to bed or while they are napping.

Anyways, so I watch 16 and Pregnant for those same reasons, except that it's more depressing to watch. Yes, I watched season 1 and Teen Mom. Is this sad to admit? Ok, so I watched last night's episode, which was particularly depressing because the girl has a child with a very, very immature boy. He basically treats her like nothing, and she just sweetly holds out for him to change and take her back.

I felt so sad that I couldn't even finish watching the episode. Having a baby is a blessing. It is. But, waiting for marriage is the best way to welcome a child. And, even then, raising a child is hard work.

I pray for teen girls, and young ladies in general, to understand their value. I pray that they realize that they are precious. Their bodies are precious. Wait until marriage for sex. And, CHOOSE WISELY WHEN YOU MARRY!!!!! Because, not choosing wisely leads to more heartache.

What can we do to help young ladies make better choices?

1. Mentor
Every young woman can be a mentor to a teen. Because, we have all been teenagers before, and we can share any bit of wisdom that we can to help another avoid similar pitfalls, or share successful ways that we handled relationships or staying pure.

2. Pray

3. Volunteer
Volunteer around your community with organizations that promote abstinence, or even that help teen mothers. Teen mothers need support, just like other mothers do, and you can help her make better decisions for the future.

Do you know of other creative ways to help young ladies remain ladies, and save sex and children for after marriage?

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Love Abounds At Home said...

I must confess that I watch those shows too. That young man is very very immature. I'm trying to figure out if it's his parents that enable him to continue acting in an immature behavior?! Not sure. That girl is sweet and I don't understand why people won't tell her to kick him to the curb.
Sofia is the cutest baby, but her mom should have been disciplined when she was younger.
Leah is a cute baby too. i think that's why her mom whines all the whine because that baby looks just got Gary! Lol
The young couple that gave their baby up for adoption seems to be the youngest, but they are more mature.

So much drama, but it's so so sad! It def pays to do things God's way!


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