Monday, October 11, 2010

Strange Thoughts. . . Or Not So Strange

I've been feeling weird lately. Strange thoughts. Thoughts that I didn't think I would have for a loooooong time, or maybe not again. I'm almost scared to write it. . .but, . . . I kind of want another. . . oh, dare I say it,. . . baby.

I'm tempted to delete this post, because the last time that I thought, "Hmm, it would be nice to have another baby," I got pregant soon after. So, I have purposely pushed thoughts of more children out of my head.

When my son was 2 months old, I actually began to want another baby because it seemed like he was growing so fast. I figured another baby would help ease the sadness of him growing so fast. These were passing thoughts, because I don't think I actually wanted to get pregannt so fast( which was the following month).

It has been very busy having two children close together, and I haven't even entertained the thought of having another one.

But, lately when I see little babies with their mothers, I feel a twinge of. . . longing I guess. I would enjoy nursing and caring for another baby, and seeing my children be a big brother and sister. I think it would be fun.

It's a thought. It may pass. But, now I see why women have five or six children and seem pretty happy about it. It really is a blessing. . . which can sometimes be hard to remember while in the throes of parenting toddlers.

1 comment:

Sarah R said...

New babies are so sweet, it's natural to want another.
I have teenagers now, and I still want another one!


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