Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What happened to TLC's Secrets of a Soccer Mom?

I had been watching a show on TLC entitled, "The Secret Life of A Soccer Mom." The channel advertised the show a lot before the first episode aired. It was slated to come on on Monday nights at 8 or 9. I watched an episode where a former fashion designer decided to go back to work. An aspiring police officer was told by her husband that he did not want her to work as a police officer. So, she reluctantly decided not to take the job offer. And a former chef who decided that at the season in her life, she needed to focus on her kids, so she also declined her job offer.

But, I'm confused, because the channel moved the show to Sunday nights, and then I kept looking for the show to come on and it never did, until finally, I saw an advertisement for the new night and time that the show would come on: Fridays at midnight. Midnight. Please tell me who is really up at that time? And if they are up, they're probably not at home.

I'm wondering has the show received a lot of backlash or something to be moved to such a horrible time slot. The show was pretty interesting to me, but maybe a lot of women called and complained, especially the episode with the husband telling his wife to not take the job. Maybe that was too "radical" to show on television. In such a feministic time, something like that would be seen as radical.

I'm just curious as to what really happened. I guess I'll just set my DVR to record it from now on.


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