Friday, June 27, 2008

Inspiring birthday party

Last Saturday, I attended a children's birthday party at a friend of my mother's. Her daughter was turning four. She invited my son, so we took him to the party. There were about thirty kids there. What really caught my eye was how every single little girl in attendance wore a pretty dress, complete with matching bow, and dress shoes or sandals. I was surprised. The party consisted of both indoor and outdoor activities, so I would have thought that the girls wouldn't be so dressed up.

But, they looked so beautiful and feminine. And the mothers were well dressed too. I asked my mother about this, and she said that it is part of their culture (many of the people there were from Venezuela) to dress up and be very feminine every day. No matter what the activity. She went on to say that many mothers there even took their children to the park dressed the same way. She has never seen these little girls in jeans or anything like that. Always a pretty dress and matching bow.

I was amazed, but inspired by the party. I remembered thinking that this definitely did not look like a typical American party, because most of the girls there would not be dressed up. The usual attire would be jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes. If there were girls with dresses, they would be simple, summer dresses, not these fancy dresses, that were the type that you would take your daughter to church in. It was refreshing to see. Even the little boys that were there were well dressed.

It was so nice to see these children so beautifully attired. While I don't think I will dress my children up like that everyday, I do think that it is important to dress in an inspiring and beautiful way. It really is refreshing both to those who dress beautifully, and for those who see those dressed that way. Of course, it doesn't have to be expensive, name brand clothes. But, just showing that you have carefully taken the time to look nice when you present yourself and your children to the world.


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