Saturday, May 9, 2009

Me Time

I have some time to myself to actually blog, and I'm excited!! Lately I've been thinking a lot about the whole "me" time thing. Before I had children, I read blog posts and articles about mothers needing me time to feel rejuvenated, and be better wives and mothers. Then, I read other blog posts about how selfish having me time was. One Christian mother of eight said that she doesn't seek out me time, because when she does, she finds that she just becomes more frustrated. Instead, she just tries to be patient, prays throughout the day, and God replenishes her. Eventually, at some point during the day, she has time to herself. I thought that was a good approach.

Because this past week, as I have tried to seek out me time, it seems that at every opportunity, it fails to come! And, it leads to frustration on my part. That's why it's important to start each day out with God's word and prayer, to put our minds where they should be. I'm guilty of not doing that everyday, but it's my goal.

Yesterday, for example, I woke up early in the morning because that's when my son woke up. I didn't get one break yesterday until around 11:30 p.m. last night when my daughter went to sleep. No naptime break or anything. My son went down for his nap just as my daughter was awaking from hers. I wanted to scream, because it had already been a trying day. I'm trying not to claim the whole "terrible two's" that people talk about, but, boy, it seems like my 19 month old is headed that way. My husband and I are going to have to really be firm to prevent this from happening. I hope that the terrible two's aren't inevitable.

I used to want four children, two boys and two girls. For now, I think I'm pretty content with the one girl and one boy. I often wonder now, how in the world do people manage with three, four, five kids that are under school age? But, then I think to myself, well, the same way that I'm managing with my two kids. You kind of manage as you go along with trial and error, and ever growing patience. If I had three or four, I think God would give me the patience needed, and I would learn to manage it. I kind of wouldn't have much of a choice, but to figure out how to manage it.


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