Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Better Way to Prepare Daughters for the "What If"

Preparing daughters to be homemakers may seem like a fairy tale idea to some. What if a young woman goes through a divorce, her husband dies, or in some other way is left to raise her children and support them.

What are we as parents to do? I have read a number of articles about preparing daughters for the "just in case", and I recently read a wonderful article by Mrs. Wayne Hunter of Fascinating Womanhood Alaska about ways that parents can still raise their daughters to be homemakers, but still prepare them to remain a homemaker if they are suddenly found husbandless.

Reading the article opened my eyes to ideas that I had not thought of in blessing my daughter for the just in case. I think it is one of the best articles on how to truly prepare daughters for the "what if". I encourage you to read it.

Here's a snippet:

Many mothers want to prepare their daughters by insisting that they get college degrees for professions in case they: never marry, marry but their husbands abandon them or the marriage ends in divorce, or marry but become widows at a somewhat early age. While this seems logical and like a good plan to many, the damage done by it can be irreversible and can undo a lot of teaching we’ve given our daughters on to how to be God-fearing women.

Read the full article here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! I so wanted to read the rest of the article on Fascinating Womanhood- Alaska, but it wasn't there any more!


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