Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Natural Family Planning

My daughter is 6 weeks old and I have my checkup soon. I have really been at a crossroads lately thinking about birth control and what would be the best option for me.

After I had my son I was prescribed birth control pills, and I just didn't have the heart to take them. I felt like I was telling my future unborn children that I didn't want them. I laugh at that when I think back on it. Then 2 1/2 months later I got pregnant with my daughter. But, I didn't regret not taking birth control pills.

This time I'm at a different place. I feel content with three children, but I definitely do not want to have another child quickly after. The three years between my two daughters feels perfect. I was able to fully baby my first daughter in a way that I didn't do with my son. When I was pregnant this time around I felt like it was a good time, I had time to miss having a baby around, etc.

This is my first time thoroughly researching birth control options, because the alternative way that my husband and I practiced birth control led to baby # 3. So, I'm a little nervous. I do not want to take hormonal birth control.

I've learned about the nonhormonal IUD, Paraguard, which is made of copper, which is supposed to kill sperm. This sounds like a good option, but I'm nervous about having that inserted. The side effects are heavy cramping and bleeding during your periods.

I've also discovered LadyComp and Pearly, fertility monitors that predict ovulation so you know which days to abstain or use barrier methods.

I would love to use LadyComp or Pearly, because it would be completely noninvasive and natural. The only problem is that I'm breastfeeding, and I'm not sure if it will work effectively without me having a cycle.

I recently read on Making Home blog about Albert Mohler's article about birth control. Jess says, Dr. Al Mohler writes about the direct verifiable link between "breeding and believing"... the fact that the religious-ness of a woman is statistically linked to whether or not she'll have children, and the number of children she'll have, world-wide.

So I guess the more Godly a woman is the more open she is to having children. I won't completely disagree with that. I have accepted that I'm not as Godly as I need to be, and I selfishly want to enjoy the three children I have for right now.

But, . . . I do want more in the future, which is why I'm scared to take hormonal birth control, because I fear that it could interfere with my fertility.

Anyways, these are just some things I've been mulling over as I decide which way to go. I'm leaning toward just using a fertility monitor and having faith that breastfeeding will offer a lot of protection from having another baby quickly. We'll see.

I would love to get feedback from others. What contraception options do you use or recommend?


Mrs. B said...

I so appreciate you putting these thoughts out there. It seems like such a "hot topic" with Christian circles, at least some. Last year I heard Heidi St. John speak at a conference and she brought this up. I was slightly offended at first because my dh and I just had our third child after 9 years of not (and 3 years of waiting after a v. reversal). I was feeling pretty good about myself "having seen the light." However, Heidi said, this is between you and the Lord, not you and the greater Christian community. So, pray and pray and talk to your dh until you both come to a place of peace. God will give you wisdom and you won't have a side of guilt to go the direction He is calling you to. God bless.

Anonymous said...

My Dear, I sincerely hope you don't use any IUD. They are designed to make the womb hostile to a baby and I lost at least one baby that way.

I was told that it was a contraceptive. That is a lie, it did not prevent conception. Telling you that it only kills sperm is another lie.

I also used the birth control pill. Again I was told it was a contraceptive. Not so, it is an abortifacient chemical and really messed up my cycle.

One day I will have to tell my baby or babies what I did to them and why. It makes me ill when I think I lost a precious baby because I used them.

Please just have as many children as the Lord gives you. I regret not discussing how many children we would have before I married and I also regret the decisions I made to follow the desires of someone else instead of the desires of the Lord.

Too late for me, not too late for you. Be prayerful and wise.

Mrs. B said...

I just wanted to encourage you in this area. My dd turned one last month. There is a 9 year gap to the next older child. There is so much opinion in regard to having babies now within Christian circles. Pray. You and your husband together should come to a place of peace in God's Word concerning His plan for your family. Don't do something because certain others are doing this or that. Don't try to walk someone else's calling.

IUD's and hormonal methods cause spontaneous abortions or make the uterus an unfriendly place for baby. NFP and barrier methods don't harm babies should conception take place. God bless you as you search and pray.

S. Belle said...

Thank you ladies for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate them. I am still trying to figure out what to do.

I decided against the IUD, and got a prescription for Femcap, a cervical cap. It might be the best option for me right now.


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