Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blessings of Baby # 3

I am so thankful for my precious baby. So thankful. Everytime I look at her I am filled with joy and gratitude that God blessed me with her.

To think that I knew better, and was not overjoyed upon learning that I was expecting #3 UNPLANNED! Finances were tight, I had considered working outside the home, and didn't feel quite so guilty since my children were 3 and 4, and I had laid the foundation by being home with them in the early years. My husband and I thought the timing was all wrong for a new little one.

But, God knew better.

Sometimes you have to be reminded that children are truly a gift from God. Even when you had other plans, God's ways are best. Even when you think there's no way to provide for another baby. . . God does provide.

Having Alexa has brought me such joy and has made me a better woman. I feel more feminine for some reason. I've been more patient overall, especially with my other two. I am sooooo grateful and thankful for the opportunity to have had a vaginal birth. The difference in recovery is AMAZING!!!!!

I have come to realize that my agenda is not that important in comparison to raising my children properly. Usually when I put the children to bed that is my time to watch TV, write, spend time with hubby, etc. But, for the past two weeks that has been Alexa's time to be wide awake!

She sleeps great all day, and then from 8:30 to around 11:30 she is wide awake. I was frustrated at first, but then I came to enjoy having that time just for her. I just went with the flow.

She's doing better in that regard, though. Having her made me think of all mothers who get pregnant when it seems like the wrong time. Of young women who consider abortion because they don't think they can handle having a baby. I feel even stronger that when a baby is conceived God will provide. And, the blessings of having that baby will far outweigh any discomfort or change of plans that had to occur to adjust to a new life.

Baby # 3 opened my eyes even more to the fact that God always knows best.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word! Your kids are beautiful !!!! I cant wait till, we start trying to have a family.

Ryan and Carly said...

What a beautiful family!! We are in the same boat, no kids yet, but really believing that God knows best and His plans are superior. Thanks for the reminder :) Your heart is so encouraging.

Carly @


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