Friday, July 27, 2012

The Baby Planner

Right now I'm currently reading The Baby Planner by Josie Brown, and I am loving it!! 

Being the baby lover that I am, I was so excited to find out about this book, The Baby Planner.  It's like Pregnant in Heels in novel form.  I have been devouring it since yesterday.  I checked it out from my local library a few days ago, but yesterday I had ample time to read it, because my older two children will be with their grandparents for a week.  That means:  I'm cramming as much reading as I can during this week of having just one child at home.

Also, I can't wait to get my hands on Where We Belong by Emily Giffin.  None of my local libraries have it.  And, I'm so amped about reading this book, and reading it during my free week, that I may buckle down and buy it. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Belle, for loving my book, THE BABY PLANNER. It made my day to see this post about it.

Hey, Emory is my old stomping ground! I grew up in Atlanta. My last residence was in Ansley Park, but we had a house on East Rock Springs (both my children were born in it).

What I miss most: Everybody's Pizza. I can't visit my old hometown without stopping there, at least once. Hope the one by Emory is still there.

Warmest regards,
Josie Brown.

Anonymous said...

I've nominated you for an award on my blog today! Please be sure to hop on over! :-)


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