Monday, February 9, 2009

A Very Hectic Day

My day today did not go as planned AT ALL!! Fortunately, I did wake up at 7 a.m., and I was able to tackle a few writing assignments. But things quickly went downhill as the morning progressed.

I fixed breakfast for my son and I nursed my daughter. Oh, and I just finished a quick dinner of tacos a few minutes ago. That's all I have accomplied today, because I had a bit of an . . . incident. I really was not feeling well at all, and I had to tend to this incident for three whole hours. Thankfully, my son took an early nap, and my daughter slept through quite a bit of it. But, I was in so much pain.

Happily, I can report that I feel much better now, although I still feel a bit of pain. My goals for the day have been dashed for the most part, but that's ok. During my pain all I could think about was how happy and blessed I would feel to be back to normal.

It made me take even greater delight in tending to my home and taking care of my family. It really brings me so much joy. Although money is tight sometimes, I am so glad that I am able to be home with my children. I miss them sometimes when they nap too long! I don't even want to imagine what it would be like to be away from them for eight hours. I shudder to think of it.

I hope everyone else has had a good start to their Monday. I feel so inspired and uplifted from the church service yesterday. The preacher talked about anger, and how important it is to manage your anger, and to be slow to anger. That's a lesson that I think is really important for mothers. It can be easy to give in to frustrations, and blow our tops. But, it's sooooo much better to just be calm about things, even in the midst of a storm. You feel so much better knowing that you conquered anger, instead of letting it conquer you.

Have a happy Monday!


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