Friday, May 23, 2008

Stay at home daughter

I was reading a thought provoking interview here about a young woman who chose to forego finishing college and chose instead to be a stay at home daughter. I thought that it was really interesting.

When I was in high school, I was very focused and hard working academically. I was determined to attend a prestigious university and have a career. I wasn't sure what kind of career I wanted, but I knew I wanted to be successful- have a career and make good money. Ironically, I met my now husband when I was a senior in high school, and my focus changed.

I had been accepted to my number one choice for college, but strangely enough, now, all I could think about was being a wife and mother. Period. I could have cared less about college, grades, career, etc. It boggled my mind that my focus changed so quickly.

I attended college anyway, and my freshman year drifted by in a haze. I was not my usual focused self in the classroom. My heart just was not in it anymore. All I wanted to do was get married and have children in a few years.

I kept my hidden dreams tucked away in my heart, for fear that my friends would ridicule me. But, as the years passed, I met more and more young ladies who felt the exact way that I did. They simply wanted to be homemakers, but, in our culture, you're supposed to get a degree and have a successful career.

Anyways, I said all that to say that I applaud young women like Lindsay, who have made the bold decision to stay at home and prepare to be a wife and mother. I don't regret going to college, but I definitely think that more value should be placed on young women learning how to be excellent homemakers, and serving in their home. I am inspired by women who choose to go against the grain and truly follow where God is leading them.


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