Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mother!!!

Today is my mother's birthday. I am so grateful for her and all that she has done for me. She is such a role model for me. She's a great mother, and a fabulous homemaker. I aspire to cook like her, and be the homemaker that she is.

I hope to follow in her footsteps, in that she gave 100% to being the best mother that she could be. She became a stay at home mom when it was far from popular to do so. In fact, she fought through negative comments about what she was doing and forged ahead to raise her children the way she felt that they should be raised. After we became older, many of the same people that put her down for her choice, were the same people who praised her for what a great job she did with raising her children.

Mother's actions spoke much louder than her words ever could. I just want to thank her for her commitment and hard work. And, for being my best friend!!

I love you, Mom.


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