Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Southern Belle

When I was in college, many of my friends were from the Northeast and other parts of the country. Southerners were a minority, even though I went to a school in Atlanta. People used to tell me all of the time about how I didn't talk southern. They were like, "You don't have an accent. You don't sound like you're from the South." But, I am. I guess I don't have a drawl, but people said I was a Southern belle anyway.

According to them I was a Southern Belle because it was important to me to look nice everywhere that I went, even if I was just going up the street to the store. I was astonished that people felt comfortable going out in public looking any kind of way. Sweatpants, no lipstick, hair uncombed, etc. I was like, dressing presentable makes me a Southern Belle? Interesting.

But, then they said it was just an air I had to myself. I guess Southern Belle's have an indescribable charm. :) Anyways, I've been enjoying so many blogs about all things southern, so I just wanted to post about it.

So far, my favorite southern girl blog is www.hersoutherncharm.blogspot.com . She's a former teacher like me, and right now she is a housewife. I think that it's absolutely charming that she decided to stop teaching to devote herself to being a wife. If you have time, check out her blog.


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